Music Theory & Appreciation

(This class is offered every odd year)

This course weaves the history of classical music and the foundations of music theory together in a wonderful adventure that starts in Gregorian Chant and never ends. Students will study music theory in a framework of music history, with emphasis on listening to classical masterpieces from all time periods, performing music theory drills on state of the art software and learning how the two are connected. This course is recommended for students who already have basic music reading skills (i.e. they have taken piano or other instrumental lessons for at least one year). Students will be required to attend two (2) live, professional classical concerts during the school year.


Section 968-HS-24


Section 968-AA-24


Not offered for '24-'25 school year



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12:00PM – 12:50PM CT

Dr. Kierstin



Practica Musica Family/Studio edition
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Dr. Kierstin Bible

Dr. Kierstin Bible has been performing and teaching music professionally since 1995. Although she retired from teaching “traditional” music classes in 2015, she was drawn to FreedomProject Academy’s mission and intrigued by the challenge of teaching a hybrid music class that included both fully online portions and teaching students in “real time” in a streaming setup. She has not been disappointed and counts her class as one of the highlights of each week.

The Music Theory & Appreciation class she teaches heavily emphasizes interaction, both during class and online, leading to robust discussions about music history, theory, composers and much more. Students are pushed to reach a high level of learning, as they synthesize course materials.

Dr. Bible finished her second master’s degree in Educational Technology in 2018, and she currently works as an instructional designer and training coordinator for the University of Arkansas. In her down time, she spends countless hours with her husband, Brian, her cat, Simon, and her garden.