General Math is intended to prepare high school students to successfully transition into Consumer Math, Business Math, or Statistics and/or Algebra and Geometry I. Taught with the traditional approach of building on previous concepts and constantly reviewing problems, mastery is developed.

Utilizing the Saxon Math curriculum, some of the concepts covered are the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), fractions, decimals, exponents, geometry, ratios & rates, percents, writing equations with algebraic phrases, graphs, measurements, order of operations, and word problems.

No calculators are allowed in this course. Students must show all calculations by hand on their homework.




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Mrs. Lee Suttorp

Mrs. Suttorp teaches Consumer Math, Business Math, and World Geography for FPA. She holds degrees in Computer Technology, Business Management, and Learning and Technology. Her more than 20-year career includes positions such as Assistant Registrar, Christian preschool teacher, homeschool parent, and geography homeschool co-op teacher.

She is a tech-savvy Christian homeschool parent, deeply in love with education, and aims to intrigue and challenge FreedomProject Academy students to explore the world God created.