Smart Tuition Account Setup

    (One Account per Family)

    A )

    Following submission of the Student Application, Smart Tuition will send an email within 72 hours to establish your family Smart Tuition Account. A Smart Tuition account must be created to attend FreedomProject Academy.

    Select the link in the email that reads, “please click here to visit our website.” This is unique link that only applies to your family.

    B )

    Complete WHO WILL PAY Section.

    C )

    Confirm all enrolled students are listed under the WHO WILL ATTEND section.

    If you plan on enrolling additional students they will be added automatically after their applications have been processed.

    D )

    Complete HOW & WHEN TO PAY section.

    8 Monthly Payments (Starts September 1)

    Full Payment (Deducts August 4)

    Paying by check? Stop the Smart Tuition Registration and contact Cary Myska ( | 920.749.3793) to request the payment option be changed to Full Payment with Check, and your Smart Tuition account will be pushed through by FPA. (Must be emailed to FPA)

    Once your invoice is generated in Smart Tuition you can choose to pay early at anytime.

    E )

    CONFIRM all sections are correct and SUBMIT ENROLLMENT.

    F )

    Registration Successful. An email will be sent confirming successful registration of your Smart Tuition Account.

    A secondary email will be sent with login instructions once your tuition invoice has been uploaded by FPA.



    Smart Tuition Account Activation

    (One Account per Family)

    A )

    A secondary ACTIVATION email will be sent with your family’s current invoice.

    To create a username/password to access the account select the following link

    B )

    On the Parent Login Page ( select First Time User.

    C )

    On the First Time User page enter the Email Address associated with the account, as well as the Family ID listed on top of the email you received from Smart Tuition. (Refer to Step A)

    Create a User Name and Password on the next screen.


    You have created your account

    Login by visiting or select the Smart Tuition tile on the Resources Board in the School Portal.

    Do you want to pay your tuition early?

    Log into Smart Tuition and select PAY MY BILL.

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