Dr. Susan Benecchi

Susan received her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in Astronomy, Physics and Religious Studies and her PhD from the Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She is a Senior Research Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and also works with the New Horizons Pluto team on its extended mission to the Kuiper Belt (NASA). Her research focuses on studies of small bodies in our solar system. She does her best to bring real world applications into the classroom. One of her goals is to give her students a love for Astronomy and God’s creative powers in the world. She seeks to help students to develop confidence in, and the ability to express, who they are and what they believe in an integrated understanding of modern science and the Christian worldview. She is married and the mother of two small children. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, reading and baking.


Classes I Teach

Teacher Talk
Thursday @ 3:00PM CT