Mr. Derek McAllister

Mr. Derek McAllister (MA, MA) earned his bachelor's degree in Philosophy from the University of Central Arkansas (2010), his MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University (2013), and his MA in Philosophy from the University of Arkansas (2015). He is currently a PhD Philosophy student at Baylor University. In addition to his long-term research interests in epistemology, moral virtue, and the history of philosophy, his recent projects have concerned such topics as divine hiddenness, religious belief, depression, pedagogy, and the emotions, to name a few.

Mr. McAllister has also had relatively extensive teaching experience, teaching university courses as well as K-12 courses and adult courses. He lives in Waco, TX with his wife and one son.

Classes I Teach

Teacher Talk
Tuesday @ 10:30AM CT