What is Common Core?  

The answer to this question has been a carefully guarded secret by those who created the Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards came about when Bill and Melinda Gates first began funding their vision for national educational standards with a grant to the James B. Hunt Institute. To date, the contribution of the Gateses to this project is estimated at 27 million dollars and counting. This seed money led to the development of the Common Core Standards State Initiative by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (NCSSO), two Washington, D.C. based trade organizations, working in conjunction with Achieve, Incorporated, a D.C. based contractor, and the James B. Hunt Institute, a private lobbying group. Despite the participation of the NGA and NCSSO, the Common Core Standards are NOT state-led initiatives, as proponents of Common Core would have you believe.

Why should Americans be concerned about these standards?

It would take many pages to lay out all of the dangers to our liberty and educational freedoms contained in the Common Core State Standards Initiative. In brief, each of the fifty states has been bribed by the Federal Government to accept the copyrighted and thus unalterable Common Core standards—even though most Americans have no idea what they entail—by offering those states millions in so-called “Race to the Top” money or exemptions from the failed No Child Left Behind program. To date, forty-six states have accepted Common Core money, ceding curricular control to the Federal government and taking it away from parents, teachers, and local school boards. Beyond the educational mediocrity that Common Core Standards will further enshrine in public schools, there are elaborate plans to use the required national assessments within the Common Core Standards as a tool to institute massive data collection about American school children that has nothing to do with education, and everything to do about Government intrusion and control.

We urge you watch our Webcasts on the subject and commit to joining our efforts to defeat Common Core.

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FreedomProject Academy remains staunchly opposed to the implementation of Common Core in public, private and homeschool curricula, and will not tolerate Common Core teaching methods or materials in our own classrooms. FPA can remain Common Core free because it does not accept one penny of state or federal money.

This two-disc DVD provides a retrospective of what we now know to be indisputably true about Common Core, presented from the perspective of those who created and support Common Core.