Mr. Charles Salibi

Mr. Charles Salibi was born when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of the USA. He grew up in Central Wisconsin with his father who was a doctor and his mom who was a nurse. He has a brother and sister. He has been a Christ follower since 1988. Mr. Salibi was married in 1991 and has 4 children (3 boys and a girl), a dog, a rabbit, and a hedgehog. He enjoys running and other sports, working on his home, working with his hands, as well as reading. He has had several careers including Forestry, Soil Science, and Teaching as well as many jobs.

Mr. Salibi also works with a couple of ministries that help Christian teachers in public schools. He has been teaching high school Math, Science, and Computer Science since 1990 in Southeast Wisconsin. He retired in 2015 but has continued tutoring and substitute teaching in the Appleton area. Mr. Salibi enjoys working with students and finding ways to help them understand difficult material.

Classes I Teach
Algebra I
Algebra II

Teacher Talk
Thursday @ 3:45PM CT