Mrs. Adele Weeks

Mrs. Adele Weeks grew up the oldest of eight children, and acquired a love of science early in her life from her father, who was a chemical engineer. He used to concoct everything from hair conditioner to fireworks out of his own personal store of chemicals at home and to try them out on his family. For the past eleven years, Mrs. Weeks has taught high school chemistry online, with a desire to similarly "infect" her students with a love of and a desire to know more about the chemical basis of God's creation.

During the 2016-17 school year, Mrs. Weeks came to FPE and added teaching physics to her repertoire. She is now enthusiastic about mechanics, optics, simple harmonic motion, etc.

In college, Mrs. Weeks majored in biology, minored in chemistry, and became registered as a Medical Technologist. She worked for 17 years in hospital clinical chemistry laboratories before homeschooling her own sons through high school.

Besides teaching, Mrs. Weeks likes to swim laps, to sew, and to read. She is a Christian, a wife of one, a mother of three, and a grandmother of seven.

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Wednesday @ 12:00PM CT